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Carlos Jalon
is a recognized top-class bodywork-massage therapist. Since 1984 he trained in a wide variety of body therapies, incorporating the essentials of Western and Eastern techniques. His personal background includes yoga, pranayama, kabbalah, shamanistic- and Maori work, acupuncture and metaphysics. Crucial for his work is the awakening of vital energy, integrating the emotional system, to rebalance mind and body.

Carlos offers his sessions

in the Heart to Heart Centre,
Heart House. Hearttoheart.nl
Huizerweg 54, 1402 AD BUSSUM.
0624 956 727, 035 73 70 730

To make an appointment or to book a session, Mail, Call or WhatsApp Carlos:

+44(0)7968 066 195



Corporate Bodywork

Improve vitality and efficiency at work
Reduce mental anxiety, emotional stress, physical tension for you, your team and your employees.

Happy bodies at work make the difference. People create the company. When individuals feel vital and energetic, they perform better. They operate with mental clarity. This improves the atmosphere in the workplace.

Care for mind and body at work
Having a body-work massage:
• destresses the body and its muscles
• detoxifies the lymphatic system
• rebalances thoughts, feeling and actions
• realigns the posture breath awareness
• optimises blood and oxygen flow to the brain
• maximizes concentration, creativity and productivity
• re-boosts immune-system
• supports the mind-body balance


6 possibilities at your work

Office treatmentsOffice treatments are powerful clothed sessions behind your desk or workspace. Choose an intense energizing 20 minutes or a deep relaxing 40 minutes.
Table or ground treatments Depending on the venue, space or work environment one can receive a bodywork/massage session laying down (clothed or oil on skin).
Fastrack sessions In fasttrack sessions Carlos supports your team or participants of your conference in the Netherlands, England or elsewhere.

VIP supportWould you like to recieve the best support for mind and body? Carlos can be your body guide during highly demanding work / travel periods.

Group-training Carlos can teach therapists and wellness related teams in the essence of his unique body consciousness techniques. He is available for a total package including treatments and training program.
Mindful life-style program Carlos often works together with wellness entrepreneur/yoga-mindfulness teacher Dorien van Nieukerken. They both can create a unique and effective customized program to inspire, educate and work with your team for a healthier and happier life-style. Check the webite

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"To receive a treatment from Carlos is an experience. He is one of the few people I have known that are able to (re)balance body and mind in one session! You feel re-charged and relaxed at the same time, as if new energy finds its way to every cell. If you have a demanding job, do yourself a favour and book a session on a regular basis, ‘coz if the body lets go, the mind can let go..."
Tonja Verheul
physio-and craniosacral therapist
"Exhale the bullshit! A massage treatment by Carlos fills me with energy, releases the stress and soothes the soul! So recommend!"
Saskia de Wit
Owner and founder of FarmCamps & FlightDeck
"Dear all, Carlos gives me a massage on a regular basis. For me the word massage does not capture what he does for me. After every treatment not only my body is grounded again and released of any stress but also my mind is peaceful. It feels like a journey of a couple of days although he does his magic within the time frame of an hour.
So I can recommend Carlos wholeheartedly and book a journey with him. Best wishes Ruud Hopstaken,"
Ruud Hopstaken
international board member and fiduciary advisor.
"Carlos has the unique ability to combine fine training, a powerful touch and delicate instincts to provide a truly fantastic massage experience from which I emerge feeling totally relaxed and renewed every time. My life and musical career would not be the same without his genius."
Henrik Persson
"I feel I am in very sure hands, and the whole sequence has a beautiful atmosphere and flow. I can feel everything moving freely through my body. Over a period of time, Carlos’ skilful, patient and intuitive approach has helped me to release some very frightening and difficult emotional blocks."
Hester Seddon
"My work has led me to travel to many of the most exclusive hotel spas and health clubs in the world. None of the massage therapists came close to Carlos’ level of expertise. I have known him for almost eighteen years and have arranged for him to teach the therapists in some of those places, for example, the Prince Maurice in Mauritius. All of them should use his technique. He is by far the best."
David Marshall
The Body Doctor
"I have been going to Carlos for 15 years now. I travel a lot and I always have a bad back when I get off the plane, and he always fixes it. No other massage has ever come close to what he can give."
"Over the years, I have experienced many forms of massage, but none come close to what I have received from ‘Carlos time’. His treatments offer depth, focus and respect of my body’s needs. I call him the king of massage."
Shelly Bloom