Carlos120Carlos Jalon is a recognized top-class bodywork-massage therapist. Since 1984 he trained in a wide variety of body therapies, incorporating the essentials of Western and Eastern techniques. His personal background includes yoga, pranayama, kabbalah, shamanistic- and Maori work, acupuncture and metaphysics. Crucial for his work is the awakening of vital energy, integrating the emotional system, to rebalance mind and body.

He has been practicing and teaching since 1985. He trained in England and India in a wide variety of massage techniques and body therapies, while undergoing his own development through Kriya and Hatha yoga, Kabbalah, metaphysics and rock climbing. He also trained in Ayurveda and a martial art-based massage Chavutti Thirumal, a powerful system of massage by foot. 

Following his interest in human energy systems he qualified in acupuncture. He has developed a comprehensive multi-layered approach to the release of blocks and stresses throughout the body, incorporating the essences of Western and Eastern techniques. His personal experience of releasing his own pains and somatic blocks is central to his ability to ‘read’ the body and retune its energetic systems.

Carlos’ bodywork combines the integrated essences of all that he has studied, experienced, and developed through his healing work. He is intuitively responsive to the needs of the client and works at the level most appropriate. A treatment may be simply a deeply restorative massage, or an insight into habitual patterns. When trust and safety have developed, physical clearing and alignment may be accompanied by profound emotional releases, restoring integration, vitality, and joy.

My eleven years of living on-the-edge as a rock climber suits my nature and has given me the same attitude to my work approach; to survive a route, you must know your limits and trust guidance - this works well in both cases.