Corporate Bodywork

CarlosImprove vitality an efficiency at work
Reduce mental anxiety, emotional stress, physical tension for you, your team and your employees.

Happy bodies at work make the difference.
People create the company. When individuals feel vital and energetic, they perform better.
They operate with mental clarity. This improves the atmosphere in the workplace.

Care for mind and body at work

Having a bodywork-massage:

- destresses the body and its muscles
- detoxifies the lymphatic system
- rebalances thoughts, feeling and actions
- realigns the posture breath awareness
- optimises blood and oxygen flow to the brain
- maximizes concentration, creativity and productivity
- re-boosting immune-system
- supporting the mind-body balance

Office treatmentsOffice treatments are powerful clothed sessions behind your desk or workspace. Choose an intense energizing 20 minutes or a deep relaxing 40 minutes.
Table or ground treatments Depending on the venue, space or work environment one can receive a bodywork/massage session laying down
(clothed or oil on skin).
Fastrack sessions In fasttrack sessions Carlos supports your team or participants of your conference in the Netherlands, England or elsewhere.

VIP supportWould you like to recieve the best support for mind and body?
Carlos can be your body guide during highly demanding work / travel periods.

Group-training Carlos can teach therapists and wellness related teams in the essence of his unique body consciousness techniques. He is available for a total package including treatments and training program.
Mindful life-style program Carlos often works together with wellness entrepreneur/yoga-mindfulness teacher Dorien van Nieukerken. They both can create a unique and effective customized program to inspire, educate and work with your team for a healthier and happier life-style. Check the webite

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