Awakening Bodily Consciousness

Awakening Bodily Consciousness describes the activating intention of the oil version of TSV bodywork.

ABC is a more effective method for releasing the psycho-somatic and emotional stresses upon a person in order to facilitate physical and emotional change under pressure, when tension is applied to old patterns of stress.

ABC is a fast track and powerful way to do a lot in a short space of time, by touching three or more points of physical contact simultaneously. This causes a ‘pattern-interrupt’ and the dualistic perceptions, judgments and fears of the clients’ mind/body let go. Clients often arrive ‘numbed out’, physically and emotionally, as a result of accumulated daily stresses or deeper-seated issues which remain as tensions and blocks held in the body.  

ABC’s primary premise is to create a safe space for ‘un-safety’ to arise; hence allowing the vulnerability for change: when a client takes the risk to feel old wounds or has the courage to trust their ability to let go of boundaries that bind and no longer serve them. 

ABC sessions are 90 or 120 minutes long.

ABC fotos